The World

The World is vast and largely unknown; our stories take place on a pair of islands that look suspiciously like New Zealand. The northern island is Amnos; the southern, Petra. Petra is wild and mostly unexplored, at least in modern times; in comparison, Amnos is settled and civilized.

Sea travel is treacherous enough such that getting to and from Amnos is difficult but not unheard of. Scholars insist that Humankind and many of the other civilized (and less-than-civilized) races are originally from far-off lands.

Long ago, an empire called Viridis spanned all of Amnos and much of Petra. Most Viridian technology and culture has been lost to time, but common cultural themes are present in all of the Five Nations. Legend has it that the Viridians did incredible, unimaginable, and sometimes horrible things with arcane and divine magic; this is occasionally borne out in the discovery of an artifact or ruins.

Since the time of Viridis, many kingdoms have risen and fallen; of those, five now stand:

Since the discovery of the Breach and the threat it poses to all of Amnos, the Five Nations signed a treaty in which much land was traded and surrendered; this formed the Covenant Territory, or simply the Covenant, after the name of the treaty.

The World

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