Saldana of the fertile fields

Saldana was once a pastoral kingdom straight out of a fairytale, with rolling hills, fertile fields, perfect weather, and a benevolent king. Knights in shining armor protected the king’s subjects from harm; as the island’s breadbasket, Saldana had few enemies.

But that was long ago. Now, the Blight has overtaken much of Saldana’s original lands, and the kingdom gave up much of its original territory to form the Covenant. (Land from Boreas and Inkul was given to Saldana in exchange.) With less land to grow crops for themselves and for trade, the Saldanans are a hungry and desperate people — desperate to find the cause of the Blight and rid their home of the undead.

Saldana is a traditional hereditary monarchy with a strong king and a complicated and large system of nobility.


70% human, 15% halfling, 10% elf, 5% other


  • Colors: Blue and red
  • Emblem: Bull’s head



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