The Five Nations are not simply divided along racial lines; i.e. while Boreas might be populated by an Elven majority, it is not solely the Kingdom of the Elves. For the most part, Humans are a part of each nation, due in large part to their adaptability and malleability. Humans that live among the Dwarves of Kholm are much like Dwarves themselves, etc.

Not all of the standard or optional races presented in the PH, PH2, and so on are present in significant numbers (if at all). Half-Orcs and Warforged in particular are not allowed as PC races.

Standard PC Races

  • Devas are extremely rare; where they are found, they are treated as prophets, objects of worship (or fear), or become religious leaders of some significance.
  • Dragonborn are present in more primitive tribes in the mountainous and rocky areas of Petra; most Dragonborn present on Amnos are the descendants of slaves captured by Inkulites, Kholmish, or their predecessors. Slavery has since been outlawed throughout the Five Nations, and many “civilized” Dragonborn have chosen to stay on Amnos.
  • Drow are not the sinister, underground-dwelling dark elves as they are in other settings. Instead, they constitute a small tribe of savage, coal-skinned elves on the southern end of Petra. They wage constant war against the yuan-ti and are rarely heard of or seen on Amnos.
  • Dwarves are the majority in Kholm’s population and a small number live among the rockier places in Inkul (“sand dwarves”). A few “salt dwarves” have gone against their species’ distaste for seafaring and make their homes in and around Caltenna.
  • Eladrin that live on Amnos consider themselves above petty ideas such as nationhood, and most of the other races are obliged to allow them a bit of leeway in such matters as citizenship and law. However, most Eladrin have a favorable relationship with Boreas as a whole, and a significant number see the Covenant as a good thing, or at least agree with its goals and methods.
  • Elves are found in large numbers in Boreas and are well-represented throughout Amnos.
  • Genasi, Shifters, and Tieflings are unheard of on either island, and would be one-of-a-kind as a PC race.
  • Gnomes are few in number and typically keep to themselves in less-populated forested areas. Most people aside from elves and eladrin have never met or even seen a Gnome, and are not sure they even exist. The Gnomes prefer it this way.
  • Goliaths of Amnos are also known as the Ildari, a nomadic people whose historic homeland was subsumed by the Breach.
  • Half-Elves are rare but not unheard of. Since humans and elves get along well, and even live as citizens of the same nation, most half-elves fit in well in whichever society they are born into.
    • Alternately, we could eliminate the idea of humans and elves interbreeding and call humans raised amongst elves “half-elves”.
  • Half-Orcs do not exist, as humans and orcs cannot interbreed. Very few orcs are present on Amnos, anyway.
  • Halflings are not a major player in any of the Five Nations but are an important part of Saldana, Inkul, and Caltenna as traders first and foremost.
  • Humans are found everywhere there is civilization. They are the majority race in Saldana and Caltenna, and are important parts of the other three major nations.


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