Kholm of the wide plateaus

Kholm is an insular mountain nation populated mostly by dwarves. In the recent past, Kholm fought terrible wars with the orc tribes of the mountains; only after adopting an extremely militaristic way of life where the Kholmish warriors able to completely eradicate the orcs and their allies. Now, in relative peace, the people of Kholm have retained their regimented, disciplined lifestyle.

Each citizen of a Kholmish settlement — man, woman, or child — is attached to a military unit in some way, whether it be as a warrior or in a support role. Those citizens who cannot conform to this lifestyle suffer punishments up to and including exile; criminals are dealt with swiftly and harshly.

Settlements are typically built on wide plateaus, with dwarves living just underground, and others living above. Roads between Kholmish settlements are not well-maintained; instead, travel in Kholm is typically done by Waygate. Kholmish arcane scholars discovered the secret of the Waygate amongst Viridian ruins and guard it jealously. No one has yet been able to copy a Waygate successfully.


65% dwarf, 15% dragonborn, 10% human, 5% halfling, 5% other


  • Colors: Black and crimson
  • Emblem: Hawk



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