Inkul of the desert oases

Inkul is a desert nation with abundant natural resources. Its population clusters around the many rivers, streams, oases, and lakes that dot the terrain. It is located in the northeast portion of Amnos.

Inkul calls itself a monarchy, and it indeed has a king, but in reality it is a plutocracy. Money buys influence with anyone in Inkul — magistrates, mayors, guardsmen, jailers, ministers, priests — and it is done in the open with no shame. Anything can be purchased in Inkul, including the freedom to commit crimes, or the creation of new laws to imprison one’s enemies.

Based on this, one would think Inkul is a poverty-stricken hellhole, but it is not. The land is resource-rich, in precious metals, iron ore, and other valuables. It is easy to become rich in Inkul if one has the determination and savvy. There is a high concentration of Viridian ruins in Inkul, such that adventurers routinely find relics and arcane artifacts of varying value on relatively safe expeditions. Bodyguards and mercenaries get rich off of those with a need to protect themselves — and assassins are paid just as well.

Trade in Inkul is administered by Houses, named guilds that once had familial connotations; blood relation is no longer a requirement to join or work for a given House. Houses purchase the right to ply a certain trade in a given city from that city’s officials; no one else may do business in that trade, unless of course they gild the palms of the authorities.


45% human, 35% halfling, 10% dwarf, 5% dragonborn, 5% other


  • Colors: Silver and green
  • Emblem: Rampant lion



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