The Covenant can refer either to the Covenant Territory, or the treaty signed by the leaders of the Five Nations that created said territory. In everyday usage, it is usually the former.

As part of the treaty, Saldana gave up the land that would become the Covenant Territory; in return, it accepted relatively equal parcels of land from Inkul and Boreas, and trade considerations from Caltenna and Kholm.

The Covenant has a representational style of governance; the number of Senate “seats” given to each representative nation is determined by the proportional number of soldiers that nation dedicates to the defense of the Breach the previous year; there are 21 seats, which in turn elect a Governor from within their own ranks.

On paper, Covenant territory is sovereign and separate from any other nation. In practice, Saldana exerts the most unofficial influence, through its large bloc of Senate support and simple proximity.

People living within Covenant territory are “dual citizens” and Covenant law applies first under nearly all circumstances.


  • Non-militia: 55% human, 20% halfling, 20% elf, 5% other
  • Covenant Militia: Varies


  • Colors: Dark brown and crimson
  • Emblem: Five-pointed star in silver, gold, or crimson



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