Caltenna of the endless coastline

Caltenna is the southernmost of the Five Nations of Amnos. Its inhabitants make their living largely on the sea; all of its major settlements are on the coast. The interior of Caltenna is rugged and not suitable for farming, and has little in the way of other natural resources, and as such is extremely sparsely populated.

Caltennan ships are the finest in Amnos (and some say in all the world) and Caltenna’s sailors have much the same reputation. Fishing and transportation are Caltenna’s major industries.

Caltenna has a reputation for lawlessness and anarchy that is not entirely undeserved. (Indeed, the island city of Rubio is nearly completely ungovernable; it is a haven for pirates and other criminals.) It has a weak and poorly-managed central government; local and regional leaders are often the only ones that matter. Each settlement above a certain size send a proportional number of Representatives to the capital where they elect a Governor from within their ranks. The Governor, while nominally the leader of Caltenna, is more a figurehead than anything else. Mayors of large cities often wield more power than the Governor.


40% human, 40% halfling, 5% dwarf, 15% other


  • Colors: Navy and gold
  • Emblem: Anchor



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