Boreas of the vast forests

Boreas is a kingdom populated mostly by elves on the west coast of Amnos. It is covered nearly from border to border with a single, continuous forest. Streams and small lakes are common throughout; the terrain gently becomes more hilly as one moves westward.

All settlements in Boreas have incredibly long, nearly incomprehensible names in Elven. Most of these follow the same theme, such as “the dwellings that were built near the grove of the oldest oak trees”, and as such, are shortened to the name of a kind of tree or other natural feature in the Common tongue. Boreans favor natural structures carefully camouflaged to blend in with the rest of the forest. New visitors to Boreas often find themselves in a city or town without realizing they’ve entered.

Contrary to popular belief, the elves of Boreas do not worship trees. Many people are surprised to learn that Boreas has a thriving lumber industry. The people of Boreas may revere and greatly respect nature, but that doesn’t mean they choose not to profit from it. By essentially “farming” the trees, they are able to ensure that they don’t cut down too many, and that they disrupt the natural order of things as little as possible. Such tree farms are found near the borders, where lumber export is the most profitable.

While the king of Boreas may claim all of the land within his borders, he does not control all of it. Officially, he “permits” populations of eladrin, gnomes, and other fey folk to live with autonomy within his borders; in reality, he has no choice in the matter.

Boreas is a hereditary monarchy. The king or queen is advised by a small council of elders.


75% elf, 15% human, 5% half-elf, 5% other


  • Colors: Forest green and orange
  • Emblem: Oak leaf



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