Background Hooks

The Fugitive (Any)

Choose one of the Five Nations (Boreas, Caltenna, Inkul, Kholm, or Saldana).

You were framed for murder of a prominent individual in that nation, and are running for your life. After discovering the shady dealings and corruption of a certain high priest, you made the foolish decision to confront him, alone, in his home, only to find his lifeless corpse. After a harrowing escape from the city, you find yourself only a few steps ahead of the authorities.

The Hexed (Any)

(Shamelessly stolen from the DMG2. Too good not to steal!)

A mysterious master cursed you; you don’t know his identity. All you know is that his raspy voice occasionally compels you to do as he bids. His commands sometimes demand terrible deeds, but far worse consequences ensue when you refuse to obey.

The Noble (Dwarf, Eladrin, Elf, Human; others as appropriate)

You are the seventh son of a prominent noble house. For a time, you have enjoyed your privileged life, free of the obligations and responsibilities of your elders. But you have grown bored with the easy life, and have decided to strike out on your own — with the comfort and stability of your family’s influence within close reach.

The Orphan (Elf, Halfling, Human; must be from Saldana)

Your home village (near Whitestone) was overtaken by the Shadowfell only a few days after you were born. Escape from the village was chaotic and fraught with peril; you are the only known survivor of the exodus. An oracle of the Raven Queen has prophesied that you will one day return to the site of the village and return it to prosperity.

The Redeemed (Deva)

For a dozen lifetimes, you have served Bahamut faithfully, but with each passing lifespan, the corrupting influence of Tiamat has darkened your sensibilities – so much so that you should have been reincarnated as a rakshasa this time around. Should have been, except that another deity intervened. In exchange for one last chance at life as a deva, the Raven Queen has acquired your allegiance, and your debt is to be repaid by carrying out a quest on her behalf.

The Reformed (Any)

From a young age, you were a member of an evil cult dedicated to the worship of Vecna and the servitude of liches. However, after committing a particularly gruesome crime on the behalf of the cult, you saw the error of your ways. With the help of the faithful of Pelor, you assumed a new identity and escaped from the cult unharmed; however, you carry with you a terrible secret that the cult must not allow to be known outside their circles. You live in constant fear of discovery.

The Veteran (Any; must be from Saldana or the Covenant)

This hook has been chosen for Lipton.

You enlisted in the Covenant’s army long ago, and even though most of your peers have refused to return to service after their obligation was up, given the horrors of the undead that you all experienced, you have re-enlisted multiple times. Something keeps you coming back; that same something keeps you sane even amongst the insanity and despair of the Shadowfell. And even though the mortality rate amongst Covenant volunteers is shockingly high, you have been good enough – or simply lucky enough – to live this long. You’ve risen through the ranks and are a highly respected senior officer.

The Wanderer (Any)

This hook has been chosen for Vost.

From an early age, you have had intense wanderlust. You have never been comfortable staying in the same place for very long, even if – and perhaps especially if – life was too easy or laid-back. A sense of fate has driven you to seek out adventure and peril; you have had dark dreams lately of a destiny you know is yours in the Far North.

Background Hooks

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