Senator Bigby

A strident young senator from Saldana




Senator Harlan Bigby is Saldana’s youngest representative in the Covenant Senate. He hails from Kingsfield, where he has made a fortune in textiles. He has long, black hair and a booming voice and always dresses extravagantly. He is an expert salesman and orator.

Bigby has been the most vocal champion of the Counterattack Plan, as it has come to be called on the Senate floor. The Crimson Order mages (including Gorram) who came up with the plan to send small strike teams into the Shadowfell to slow the advance of the Blight convinced Bigby of its soundness, and he took up their cause in the Senate. Only Senator Grolsk and the rest of the Kholm bloc still oppose the Plan.

Senator Bigby

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